Hi there once again, Azure friends!

As of yesterday, Enemy of the Earth has been rebooted.  Not “rebooted”, in the sense that everyone is now younger and experiencing everything for the first time (although, in a way, all of Azure Claw Comics is that, compared to my old scripts and story notes from before.)

But no, it’s more like, I shut the whole comic down and started it over again.

The cover and first page will be about the same, but pages 2 through 4 (because it is a 4-page chapter) will be all different and special!

Special in what way, you ask? I don’t know!  But they’ll be different, and maybe that’s enough to inspire me to work hard on this stuff again.

And when this chapter is over? Something special will happen!

So, like, stay tuned, for your chance to maybe slightly influence the future of Azure Claw Comics!


Oh, and here’s the uncropped pixel art, if you want to see that.