“Dr.” Victor Frankenstein became ill during a journey up north, and was rescued by Robert Walton and the crew of the Eisbrecher.  Things took an unfortunate turn when the ship became stuck in ice, and they were all terrorized by ice pirates.


There was a ninja who is also a thief, and she fought a hunter of the undead.

On the night of July 21, 200X, IICM agent Stefan A. Makar responded to a break-in at the IICM’s North American offices.  In the ensuing fight, the thief escaped, with data saved onto a floppy disk.



The Occupation Era

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Following the alien invasion — which, according to history, begins next Thursday — the occupying forces known as the “Sovereigns” are locking up dissidents and labeling them “enemies of the earth“.

In this time period, sixteen years from now, an anonymous young woman is arrested for suspected connection to a rogue archivist named Meredith Black.  During this time, she was made to share a cell with one of the sea folk (one of the human/alien hybrids who were on Earth before the Sovereigns,) and they made a plan to escape. The two got out of their cell and were quickly stopped in their tracks by four Sovereign guards and the creepy lady in a black suit, who began transforming into a weird alien thing, and attacked them.  The young woman and her new friend fought back and escaped!