I’m glad you asked, hypothetical internet person!

Azure Claw Comics is an experimental comic anthology, of sorts. And when I say “of sorts”, I mean it’s not like most anthologies.

You see, most anthologies are of works of comparable lengths, often by different people, and often with no unified timeline between them, and even more often in the same literary genre.

Azure Claw Comics, in contrast, is planned to be an anthology of works of different lengths, all written and illustrated by me, Dave Vincenty.

The many different phases of Azure Claw Comics will be glimpses into this world at different tiny time bumps in the spacetime continuum.

In the past, weird stuff happened all the time, and people took it for granted. In the present, people find weird stuff to be inconvenient, so they mostly ignore it.  In the future, humankind will learn to harness weird stuff, and make the weird a part of their everyday lives.

This is the Azure Claw timeline.

Phase 0 – Demos


Ninja Thief vs. Undead Hunter

  • Duration:  2 pages.
  • Juncture: 200X
  • Genre:  Urban Fantasy
  • Featuring: Izumi Yamazaki and Steve Makar
  • Status:  Done!

Enemy of the Earth

  • Duration:  4 pages.
  • Juncture: 16 years from now
  • Genre:  Dystopian
  • Featuring: Azzura Silverstar
  • Status:  Done!

Away From Earth: Be Back Later

  • Duration:  2 pages.
  • Juncture: 17 years from now
  • Genre:  Space
  • Featuring: Azzura Silverstar
  • Status:  Beginning now!


Phase 1 – Pilots


Enemies of the Stars

(Logo not finalized.)
  • Duration:  8 pages.
  • Juncture: 19 years from now
  • Genre:  Dystopian
  • Featuring: Azzura Silverstar
  • Status:  In writing and preproduction.



  • Duration:  8 pages.
  • Juncture: TBD
  • Genre:  TBD
  • Featuring: TBD
  • Status:  I’ve got some ideas.

 Phase 2 – A Short One-Shot Comic



  • Duration:  16 pages.
  • Juncture:  TBD
  • Genre:  TBD
  • Featuring:  TBD
  • Status:  Not even thinking about it yet.

About Dave Vincenty


Dave is an ageless, faceless, gender-neutral, culturally ambiguous adventure game protagonist, who first gained sentience in 1988, when someone typed “gain sentience” into a text interpreter.