Izumi Yamazaki profile image
Bisexual (She/Her)

Height:  165 cm (5’5”)

Weight:  62 kg (137 lbs.)

Birthdate:  September 1, 198X

Type:  Japanese

Sign:  ENTP

It is difficult to get accurate information about the ninja, because everything that’s known about them could be deliberate misinformation. There are believed to be 108 active Japanese ninja clans currently in the world, but the actual number could be much lower or much higher.

Izumi Yamazaki is a known member of the Yamazaki ninja clan, and a student at Nemesis University. In 199X, Izumi moved from Japan to the United States, along with her father, and a sister about whom not much is known. This occurred soon after an attack on the Yamazaki house by the Ouchi clan, which resulted in 13 deaths, including Izumi’s mother.

Other family members are unknown at this time.

Upon encountering a ninja in the field, do not attempt to outnumber or overpower them, but also don’t let them out of your sight. Any ninja that leaves your field of view should be assumed to be right behind you.

Izumi has been noticed to have a strong desire for attention, which conflicts with her ninja training. Agents encountering Izumi Yamazaki in the field are encouraged to appeal to her ego, and then subdue her using non-lethal means if at all possible.

–Nicoletti, Donovan. Ninja: The Literal Actual Silent Killer. Internal memo. International Monster Control Initiative.

16-20 Years From Now

Azzura Silverstar profile image

Asexual (She/Her)

Height:  163 cm (5’4”) in “Enemy of the Earth”, 165 cm in “Away from Earth (Be Back Later)”

Weight:  54 kg (119 lbs.) in “Enemy of the Earth”, 55-56 kg in other known sightings

Birthdate:  June 2, next year

Type:  Sea folk

Sign:  ESFP

Azzura Silverstar is one of those strange humanoid creatures known as sea folk, and was born one earth-year after the Sovereigns first arrived. Her sea folk parents are designated deceased, which led to Azzura being adopted by humans and living among them for most of her life. Her current location remains unknown to us.

Azzura is a rare kind of sea folk, with uncommon coloration. Like others of her kind, her core body temperature generally matches her environment, and she’s been shown to breathe both salt water and air.

However, the blue exoskeleton which protects Azzura’s horrible hands is thicker than normal, and stronger, and possesses an impact strength which surpasses that of most sea folk. There are claims that blue-clawed sea folk have a power which makes them an exceptional threat to us. Azzura has been observed performing unprecedented feats of strength when threatened. Fortunately for us, she may be unaware of this ability.

Azzura Silverstar is classified as highly dangerous, and this researcher humbly recommends that lethal force against this target be authorized under all circumstances.” 

–Frost, Andromeda. Report for Our Glorious Sovereign Leaders on the Pitiable Weakness of our Foes.

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