Hey, Azure friends!

 EDIT:  The poll is now closed!  Dr. Frankenstein is the winner!  Thank you for your votes!

The time is upon us, for the first time ever, to choose what direction this glorious and amazing experimental comics anthology will take!

For the first official iteration, please poke a box below and tell me … what kind of story would you like to see?

Post-post-cyberpunk, or steampunk Gothic horror?

A story about a scientist who hates creating synthetic beings, or one about a synthetic being who loves everybody?

These are characters whose stories I’ve had kicking around in my dead for years and years now, and I just never got around to telling them.

So whichever one of these protagonists gets the most votes, I’ll establish Iteration-1a as a little introduction to that character’s story, complete with fights and awesome stuff!

If this goes well, I’ll have similar polls for every new chapter.

You can help steer the direction of Azure Claw Comics!