I’m deeply sorry it has come to this, Azure friends!

This year, 2019, has been an amazing time for me getting closer than ever to my comics dreams! But unfortunately, a lot of that has been behind the scenes and has happened in a disorganized way.

Money problems have been a big issue for me. It’s been hard to find time to make art and tell stories when it feels like it’s a challenge just to survive. And this got much worse when my computer — the only one I’ve had for about ten years now — broke down on me.

It seems to need a new motherboard, which I don’t have money for and might not even be the solution.

A new computer would be ideal at this point, but I don’t have money for that either.

As a result of this conundrum, I’ve suspended the Patreon, at least temporarily. When the new month rolls around on January 1, none of my patrons will be charged.

After that point, I’ll have a new direction for the Patreon all figured out, I hope!

Now, while I’m at it, I’m going to give some extra special thanks to my Patreon supporters, who have been awesome this year:

Links for those last five will be added later, I guess.

This is hard without a computer!

Regardless, I’m glad you’re all here! This isn’t the end for Azure Claw Comics — just a temporary setback!

Watch this space (or one of those social media above, I guess) for more updates!

Thanks for being here!

Mockup of a multi-ethnic family of about the same age, playing 'Terror of the Ice Pirates' on Nintendo.