Hi there, Azure friends!

It’s been an interesting time, these past few months! I lost my computer, then got a new one, and then had to re-learn how to do all this digital art stuff.

This new story will be very short, and then when it’s done, I’ll get right to a good proper chapter, based on a poll I’ll be conducting at my Patreon!

In addition to that, I’ll be drawing new arts when I can, and these arts will appear over on my Ko-Fi page!

And now, to acknowledge the awesome people who’ve pledged their support to my work over here:

An extra shout-out on the above list, to Sam and Schotti, whose support has meant a lot to me over the past year! I mean, everyone’s support has meant a lot to me, but I really want to link to the website these two have, because they are the game development duo known far and wide as the Cheekynauts!

Okay, that’s all for now.

Take care, friends!